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LIFTEKElevator Technical Office, based in Syros & Mykonos, is active in the field of manufacturing and trade of integrated lift systems, elevators and disabled elevators, to Syros, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini and the other Cyclades islands.

Christos Lagamtzis provides integrated elevator construction, maintenance and repair services. Our staff consists of experienced, trained technicians who provide high-tech support at all stages of a new project.

LIFTEK Elevator Technical Office is an official partner of KLEEMANN Integrated Elevator Systems. 
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Research - Design - Installation

Elevator Research - Design - Installation
We are responsible for the design and construction of a comprehensive range of solutions for hydraulic and mechanical technology lifts. With the use of specialized design software and under the supervision of our electrical engineers, we proceed to design solutions for your every need. If there is no elevator shaft, we will design and construct a metallic one.

We are always up to date and able to provide you with guaranteed and responsible solutions for any application indoors or outdoors, aiming at innovation, technological elevator infrastructure and safety, above all projects. 

LIFTEK also provides the inspection and issuance of a certificate for the working-well licensing of old lifts.
Commercial Elevators
Cargo Lifts
Rolling Corridors
Outdoor Lifts
Metallic Elevator Shafts
 Disabled Elevators


Lifts Maintenance
Maintenance and technical support of the lift on a monthly basis ensures its safe and smooth operation, as well as maintaining the installation as a whole at optimum operating level.

 Parts Lubrication - Calibration
 Engine Lubrication - Cleaning
 Motor Room - Elevator Shaft Cleaning
 Maintenance and Testing of Safety Systems
 Operation Units Calibration
 Operation Units Monitoring
 Mechanical and Electronic Parts Maintenance and Cleaning


Lift Service
In order to provide a high level of service, we cover any potential damage that occurs in response time within two (2) hours for Mykonos, and as soon as possible for the rest of the Cyclades. Technical support is available 24 hours a day throughout the year. Spare parts (if required) are replaced with certified products and a certificate of good functioning is also provided.

Responsible work, excellent work, attention to detail and our respect for customer needs were the reasons why our company ranked as number one in elevators in Mykonos, Syros and all Cyclades.
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Collaborating Companies:
FIRETEK, in collaboration with the largest and most reliable elevator manufacturers such as: Kleemann, Moris, Metron & Oilift, has state-of-the-art elevators and a wide range of spare parts for most elevator types. That way it reduces the repair time of the fault and offers its services at competitive prices.
Lift Insurance For Urban Liability
In partnership with Insurance Companies, we offer liability insurance against the use of lifts (personnel and cargo) and lifting machinery. This insurance covers accidents that may occur from the use and operation of lifts (persons or loads), escalators, lifting machinery up to 5 tonnes and are within the premises of the undertaking. 

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